Greater Students

Greater is great in size, which means there are a lot of great ways for you to have Greater involvement. This is a place where you can disguise your gifts behind the large crowd and almost feel overlooked. However, we believe that at Greater you must be Greatly Involved to experience God’s optimal best in your life. We realize that what the Lord is doing here is significant, and we undoubtedly want you to be a part. Our greatest desire is that you have a Greater connection with those whom you fellowship with and build fulfilling relationships and community. At Greater, we don’t focus on numbers increase but play emphasis on “Greater Involvement.” Thus, there are a variety of ways to participate and become a part of what we are embracing here at “Greater.”



Greater Students is made up of Greater Kids, Greater Middle, and Greater High for students ages Pre-K–12th.  Our vision is to see students saved, whole, liberated, discipled, nurtured, harnessed, prepared, and ready to serve god with their whole heart and for the entirety of their life! Our mission is to produce students that “live to set the light on fire.”