In origin of more than 120 years, The Greater Church has a rich history of longevity and impact as a leading church in the world.

We are a ministry that simply wants to love God with all our heart and serve HIS people in the same way He sent Jesus Christ to serve us. We are a church body that believes in discipling, loving and experiencing the favor of Jesus Christ in our lives. We are simply, The Greater Church for a Greater people.

The Greater Beliefs:

Discipleship. Love. Favor.

Teenage boy at group therapy session


We believe in intensely pursuing the population of unbelievers and embracing them with unconditional love to help them live a “GREATER” life through the acceptance of salvation in Jesus Christ.



We believe what the word of God declares when it says in John 13:35 that men will know we are disciples by the Love that we show one to another! It is our Greater Goal to love more intense, more intentional, more fervent and with grace and compassion.



We also believe that as a “Greater” partner you will assuredly experience the unmerited favor of Jesus Christ.  We believe that through acceptance of salvation and operating in obediently love the rewards of favor will be even “Greater” on your life because you are apart of the “Greater” Belief System.


Greater Church sets out to focus on the wellness of the family makeup.  We believe that every family has the ability to operate and live in generational blessings only and never generational curses.  We believe in covenant marriages between a man and a woman, and embrace children on all familial relationships.  To be a “Greater” church we must build “greater” families.

Sheldon McCarter 

Joyce McCarter

Bishop Sheldon and Co-Pastor Joyce McCarter have faithfully led Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church since 1988, and are still carrying the torch of leadership.

Under their tutelage of servant hood the church population has tripled, new ministries have been birthed, and lives have been changed building a legacy for eternity.  Their greatest accomplishment is accepting salvation and obediently answering the call to build disciples, community, and family.  They are impeccable leaders with unlimited compassion whom pride themselves on loving their members and assuring that ALL feel loved, accepted, appreciated, and encouraged.  “They lead the pact by leading with and not above.”